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Warhammer 30k Solar Auxilia Army Benefitting Wargames Live

Warhammer 30k Solar Auxilia Army Benefitting Wargames Live

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This is a great army that will support a great cause!

This is a full Solar Auxilia army for Warhammer 30k.

Included in the army is:


2 Terrax Termite Drill

Malcador Chasis (Missing gun)

2 Medusa

Malcador Infernus

3 Quad Mortars

3 Dracosan Armored Transport

Voss Lightning Strike Fighter

6 Ogryn Charonites

9 Veletaris Power Axes

22 Lasrifle

10 Flamer Section

39 Veletaris Storm Section

Lord Marshal

  Some of the paint is chipped in places and some models are missing minor parts. Please see pictures.

This is an auction benefitting Joe from Wargames Live!

Joe travels to GT's all over the country and live streams them so we can all participate. I have had Joe at Boise Cup and his setup is impressive, and costly. This is Joes full time occupation and he relies on the fans to support his work. Joe was gifted this wonderful set of models and all of the profits will go to support Joe in his efforts. Trader A is not taking a commission.

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