Sell to Us!

Got some used games lying around? Sell to us! We take all kinds of used and new in box games and give cold hard cash in return. Also, know that when you sell to us, you are supporting the gaming community as we reinvest parts of the revenue into running events with terrain and mats and these supplies have helped many others around the USA with their events as well.

Its pretty simple:

1. Send a list of what you have to List what it is and what state it is in.

  • Painted
  • Assembled
  • NIB (New in Box)
  • NOS (New on Sprue)
  • Converted
  • Primed
  • Broken/Missing Pieces
  • Metal/Plastic/Finecast/Resin

2. Send pictures of items, especially painted and converted items.

3. I send a quote based on the current value and condition of the items.

4. You ship them to me.

5. I verify contents and send payment via Paypal or Venmo. I can also do cash in person.

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