Aaron (Captain A) has been reselling for 21 years on various online marketplaces. He has been a staple of the Warhammer community by writing articles, running events, and help gamers remove their piles of shame so others can benefit from those gaming treasures.

One of the things he does with the revenue  of his adventures is to give back to the gaming community. He runs multiple large events a year and helps maintain the Warhammer community at ABU games in Boise, ID. He has helped many events in the Northwest with terrain and mats purchased with revenue from this store. Events like Cascadia Open, Da Momma Boyz GT, Wargames for Warriors, and others.

Events he runs:

Boise Quest - A 40k story driven tournament for all gamers.

Boise Cup (40k/AOS) - The Gem states prized competitive event for Age of Sigmar and 40k.

TurkeyHammer - A charity event that brings gamers of all kinds of discipline together to raise money for the Idaho Food Bank.

Rest knowing that when you buy and sell to Trader A you are giving to the gaming community!