Shipping is a vital part of Trader A. You ship to me, I ship items out, its all shipping!

Shipping Your Items To Me

When you ship your items to me for purchase there are some things that you should do and some things that you should NOT do.

Should do:

  1. Group the units together and bag them in something like a ziploc bag.
  2. Put padding in the bags or around the bags of some kind. Even some toilet paper can work.
  3. For painted items, be sure to wrap them carefully and preferably individually.
  4. For larger boxes, consider Fed Ex or UPS instead of the post office. The post office charges much more for larger items. You can weigh it and get an idea online.

Should NOT do:

  1. Please do not just throw them in a box. Yes, this has happened multiple times.
  2. If your items are in bits, do not just throw them in a box, yes this has happened as well.
  3. Painted metal items should not be put together. They need to be wrapped individually to avoid chipping.
  4. Make sure your box does not have holes in it.


When I Ship

I ship primarily USPS and Fed Ex. Most items are listed as First Class shipping. Combined lots are typically full price for the first and .50 for each one after that, provided it does not go into priority shipping weight. Then it is assessed on a case to case basis. I wrap everything in bubble wrap and ship everything in 200lb tested corrugated boxes.