3d Printing

Welcome to the 3d Printing Branch of Trader A!

We have 2 different print options customers can get into.

Ultimaker 2+ FDM –  (Plastic): This is a printer that uses a spool of plastic wire that is then heated up and squirted through a nozzle. It is the cheaper of the two options and can print larger items with a build volume of 13.5x14x15.3 inches. Used for more durable items such as terrain and cosplay.

Anycubic Photon LCD – (Resin): This is a smaller printer that prints with UV curable resin. It’s print quality is much higher and can print very delicate items and miniatures. It can be hard to tell that is printed and is a more professional quality print. Used for miniatures and parts for end use on the tabletop. Similar to Forge World in delicateness. More expensive to print with.

Examples of FDM Prints:


Examples of LCD Prints


At this time I don’t design models, but can print items you find for printing. Please contact me at captainaka@hotmail.com.